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8. July 2021 - Serbian children from the region visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia

The head of Serbian diplomacy, Nikola Selaković, welcomed the participants of the Summer Camp for Serbian children from the region at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, and on that occasion, he introduced the young guests to his work and the way the Ministry functions.

Selaković expressed satisfaction that the participants of the Summer Camp are visiting the capital of Serbia and said that Belgrade is the capital of all Serbs.

"Here on these walls, you can see the continuity of our statehood in the new century. You can see what stands behind us, so that we may know what we are fighting for and what we will one day leave to our children. I have two sons and one daughter, and everything I do, I do for them and the future of every child in Serbia and every Serbian child", said Selaković.

The Minister pointed out that Belgrade is a city that is rapidly changing and growing, a city to which everyone from the Balkans is flocking, and wished Serbian children from the region to come and get to know Serbia as often as possible.

Speaking about the sights of Belgrade, Selaković singled out the Temple of Saint Sava and underlined that we are all very proud of the most beautiful Orthodox temple in the world.

"I want you to see Novi Sad and Nis, Vrnjacka Banja, Studenica, Drvengrad, Zlatibor, Sombor, Vrsac, to see the beautiful places that exist here and what wonderful country our Serbia is", said the minister.

Selaković especially referred to the inscription on children's T-shirts "We are learning Cyrillic", and said that it was important for them to learn other languages as well, but not to forget our Serbian language and the Cyrillic alphabet.

"If we Serbs do not keep the Cyrillic alphabet, no one will save it for us", the minister said.

Noting that this group of participants in the Summer Camp also includes children from Dalmatian Kosovo, Selaković said that Serbs cannot escape from their Kosovo, nor Kosovo from them.

"It is a part of our soul, our identity and genetic code, it is the motive of our struggle and the life of our nation", the minister emphasized.

Also, the Minister expressed satisfaction that participants of the Summer Camp had their priest with them and emphasized that this shows that where the Serbian church survives, our people also survive.

Selaković wished the organizers of the Summer Camp to bring as many children as possible to Belgrade, saying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will always have their doors open for them.

"I want you to be exemplary citizens in the country in which you live, but also to love and protect your Serbian family, Serbian Orthodox name, Cyrillic alphabet and our Serbian language", Selaković concluded.

The wife of the President of Serbia, Tamara Vučić, also welcomed the participants of the Summer Camp.

"Apart from being good students and fulfilling your obligations, each of you also has a hobby. Someone is involved in sports, music, singing, folklore, or acting. If I have to give you advice today, it is to keep your hobbies. They will help you in the period of adolescence to direct that strong energy in the right direction", said Tamara Vučić.

She also wished that they would bring good emotions and beautiful experiences back from Serbia, which would always bring them back here.

The group that visited the Ministry included 44 children, aged 7 to 14 from Uzdolje, Vir, Kula Atlagic, Islam Grcki, Raducic, Nunic, Zadar, Bribir, Djevrske, Ridjan, Odzak, Bosansko Grahovo, Drvar, Bosanski Petrovac and Glamoca.

Today, the children had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Serbian Diplomacy, which is located in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they were introduced to the works of great Serbian diplomats.

The Summer Camp for Serbian children from the region is being organized in the period from 4 to 9 July 2021 in Novi Sad and Belgrade. The organizers of the camp are Member of Parliament Sanja Lakić and Duško Ćutilo, director of the Provincial Fund for Assisting Refugees, Displaced Persons and for Cooperation with Serbs in the Region.

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